Review on MAC studio fix fluid foundation

Review on MAC studio fix fluid foundation



I personally don’t like the packaging of this product as it doesn’t come with a pump. Also its a glass bottle, you really have to be very careful as to where you placing your bottle or how you holding it. Recently while I was on holiday my foundation bottle dropped onto the tiled floor and it just shattered , there was foundation everywhere .I wasn’t too happy! I had to rush out and buy another bottle , ended up using my budget which I had kept aside for another brand of foundation.


Studio fix is a very creamy foundation , gives a medium coverage and a matte finish.

What I do like about this foundation is that it gives a natural finish and there are a lot of colors to choose from to get your perfect match.

If you doing a whole day out with this foundation you have to regularly touch up, hmmm not cool ….

This foundation is best when worn with a primer underneath the foundation  and a setting powder  over the foundation .


Using your finger to apply foundation is usually an easy way to get a natural look , but with this foundation I did not like the finished look as it seemed a bit Streaky .

The second attempt was a damp beauty blender, the finish was really good with medium coverage.

I also tried a flat top brush which was also a good finished look .



Image taken from the mac website