THE NO MAKE-UP , MAKE-UP LOOK / full on summer trend

THE NO MAKE-UP , MAKE-UP LOOK / full on summer trend


So if you not familiar with this term it just means that you will be wearing a small amount of make-up but maintaining an illusion of having no make-up on. Almost like yourself but better , nothing glamorous or over the top , just like and easy Peasy 5 minute look which will look like and amplified version of you . I hope with that being said, this makes sense :-p

This look shouldn’t take more then 5 minutes to achieve and the beauty of it is that it’s straightforward. So if you’ve an amateur and words like contour , highlight and falsies make you want to run for the hills, this is a good place to start .

Moisturize your face and prime if necessary.


Apply a sheer medium coverage foundation. The tiniest amount just to cover discoloration or redness .Or apply your favorite bb or cc cream . image

conceal under eye circles .image

At this point you can stop but I find that the face looks very pale or flat after applying concealer under the eye and if you still have time apply mascara on the lashes .


Apply a little bronzer under the cheek , just a tiny amount to give color , no harsh lines.


Some lip gloss .


At this point you should be done and ready to run out the door.

To be honest with you , I hate this summer trend and will not be following this trend as I have been suffering with such bad break-outs and scaring . I feel the need to have a full on make -up face . As many would say the CAKE FACE 🙂